What is ENERGIZE a holistic approach to acting?

Going beyond where Michael Chekhov left off...

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The basic concept of this work is to consider and train the actor holistically. The term "holistic" is derived from the Greek root, holos, meaning complete, or whole. A holistic approach to acting views the actor's instrument as not only comprised of the body (which engenders posture, gestures, movement, and voice), and the mind (which addresses the objectives, intentions, feelings and sensations), but also of the invisible energetic life force of the person, called prana by the Hindus, qi or chi by the Chinese, and referred to as spirit by the Occidentals.

Holistic Acting incorporates a
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach and the training integrates mind, body, and spirit.

Energy Awareness

ENERGIZE is the fusion of fundamental and realist acting techniques (from Constantin Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, Lee Strasberg), with cutting edge energy healing modalities, thus creating a new acting method.

A well-balanced energetic system is the key to inspiration and creativity. With ENERGIZE actors and performers learn how to manage their sublime energetic system, (Chakras, Aura, Ida/Pingala, Flower of Life) and how to use this knowledge to approach performance.

Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and RYSE®, are some of the techniques used to clear, manage and balance the human energetic system. Based on recent discoveries in quantum physics and at the same time, on ancient Ayurvedic knowledge,
RYSE® is a break-through energy awareness tool developed by Nancy Risley, founder of the Polarity Realization Institute in Ipswich, Mass.

ENERGIZE will teach you how to use energy work not only to
increase your inner-balance, relaxation and centering, but also to bring your inspiration and intuition to the next level. Above all, it will enable you to connect with the energetic essence of your character. By clearing the path of your creativity and expression, ENERGIZE will help you achieve your highest potential, both as an actor and as a human being.

Bridging the "Inside-Out" and "Outside-In" Approaches

ENERGIZE believes that both the inner and outer acting approaches are very valid and helpful.

It encourages actors to use parts of themselves that are appropriate for the role, exploring the concept of

It also invites actors to simultaneously connect with a character using the notion of "
character's vibration." Furthermore, it will enable you to invite the character in and let the character lead you throughout playing the part.

Cracking Blocks

ENERGIZE enables actors to clear the obstacles in the way to play a part. Have you always wanted to crack this role but found that you just could not get through a block? This energy work will help you find and clear the obstacle in your way resolving personal resonance issues.

Post-Performance Re-Balancing Technique

Finally this energy work will help you rebalance your system after performance to avoid burnout symptoms or post-performance blues. Holistic acting will help you get out of character in a systematic and secure way, clear the energetic and emotional residues, and re-enter normal life in a perfect balanced state.

Reclaiming Artistic Responsibility

Holistic Acting incites performers to reclaim their artistic responsibilities to change the world, one performance at a time. Going back to the roots of performing artists’ history, ENERGIZE infuses the work with spiritual mindfulness and a renewed sense of artistic ethics. By connecting with their Highest Creative Self, performers view themselves –and their work– as precious instruments of change.

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