Mission Statement

Starlight Acting Institute is devoted to inspire actors, performers and all creative souls to reach their highest potential both creatively and spiritually. It teaches core values for a Holistic Approach to Acting and to Life.
Founded by Emmanuelle Chaulet in 2003, Starlight Acting Institute developed its teachings through the fusion of traditional and realist approaches to acting from Constantin Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov and Lee Strasberg, with cutting edge Energy Awareness knowledge from energy field healing modalities such as Polarity, RYSE® and Reiki.
The result is a unique acting method called ENERGIZE.

With ENERGIZE you will:

▪ activate your Highest Creative Self
▪ bridge the 'outside-in' and 'inside-out' acting approaches
▪ connect with the vibratory blueprint of your character and of its story
▪ keep your instrument emotionally balanced and filled with energy
▪ heal pre-performance anxiety and post-performance stress
▪ re-define your artistic goals through your spiritual growth
▪ reclaim your creative leadership and responsibility in this world

With ENERGIZE you will consider yourself as a LIVING WORK OF ART

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